The course is designed for instructors who are at the beginner/intermediate level of knowledge of technology tools and technology integration in the classroom. This course examines the why, how, and what questions for integrating technology in the adult education classroom:

  • Why is technology important for instruction and learning?
  • How do you approach integrating technology?
  • What tools can you use to integrate technology?

This course takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

Often overlooked, the sponge activity is incredibly important in the learning process. The human brain works best when it has a context with which to categorize and connect new learning. It is critical that the context comes from inside the studentsomething they have experienced or learned. Using technology to help students connect with new learning lets them explore and align with their own lives and creates a deeper opportunity for long-term storage. This is one way to create a blended learning environment easily and make good use of technology at your fingertips. Join our webinar to learn 3 sponge activities you can implement immediately to enhance your classroom. The webinar will cover how our brain processes the information and how to capitalize on that using technology.