View this webinar to learn creative ways to find cross-curricular connections and use them in your classroom. We will examine both strategies and sources to make the planning easy and the lessons rich.

This course contains a series of self-paced modules of instruction focused on elements in the Ohio Aspire Lesson Planning Template. It has been created to provide continuous support for Aspire professionals in their creation of lesson plans that meet the ABE/ASE standards and detail specified by the lesson planning template and rubric. 

Upon completion of this Effective Lesson Planning - ABE/ASE course, you will receive PD credit for your participation. You must be registered for this course in the PD System in order to access it. 

Teachers will learn how to find resources for the three core areas of every lesson: Direct Instruction, Guided Practice and Independent Practice.

Teachers will learn tips for introducing mastery learning into their classrooms and how it can positively affect achievment.

 Dan Griffith will discuss lesson planning techniques that build flexibility and adaptability into their design. This overview will help you refine current lessons and create new lessons that target your learners and their needs.

View this webinar to learn how structure impacts learning and teaching. We will examine both strategies and resources to help you create rock solid foundations and stable structures.

A “question-based” teaching format opens the doors to student engagement and learning. Teachers will learn methods for planning and implementing the right amount of “question-based” learning for their setting.

Teachers will learn how to integrate learning opportunities to help students build a solid foundation in this core thinking skill and find natural ways to help students strengthen this foundational process.