Part 2 of this interactive professional development GrowthShop will be engaged participants in a deeper dive of understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion by using multiculturalism to develop curriculum, methods, strategies, and instruction through the framework of culturally relevant instruction. This GrowthShop is geared for Aspire administrators, staff, and teachers with the intended outcome of providing them with resources, materials, skills, and knowledge to create culturally relevant methods to promote and create dynamic diverse classrooms.

A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning based on a mistaken belief or false idea usually with the intent of shifting the focus away from the primary issue.  Logical fallacies weaken arguments, inhibit discussion, and misrepresent ideas.  The ability to identify and avoid using logical fallacies yourself as well as counter those used by other people helps to keep discussions focused and limits the introduction of extraneous or unrelated topics.  As an educational leader, you interact with people numerous ways; being aware of the pitfalls of engaging in logical fallacies and being able to avoid them will help ensure your interactions are fair, rational, and objective.

Explore the basic principles at the foundation of retention, including understanding why employees stay and learning the major drivers of turnover. By understanding what drives motivation, how to build a healthy team, invest in the team, and hire for motivational fit you can motivate and retain employees. Includes networking and resources for identifying and finding the right person for the job.  

This recorded webinar discusses time management skill areas, based on the Time Mastery Profile® to help with creating a plan for managing your time and priorities more effectively. The presenter addresses challenges of managing time, analyzing how much time is truly available, tackling SMART goals to prioritize time management skill development and individual action planning, as well as discusses delegation and use of apps as time management tools.